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Crete 2024

4 weeks
4 workshops
4 levels
  in our Iyengar Yoga Studio in south Crete

2024 will be our 15th year at the beautiful studio on the cliff of Agios Pavlos Bay. This year we welcome yoga students from all over the world, those with an established practice or Iyengar teachers themselves.

A high proportion is returnees who love the beauty and tranquillity of the area and the opportunity for deep practice, simple gourmet Cretan cuisine, cradling on the hammock and swimming.

Gabi Doron is a senior level Iyengar teacher certified by B.K.S Iyengar personally.In her center (located in Tel-Aviv), she conducts Therapy classes, Teacher Training Programs, Continuing Education Courses and Assess teachers as part of the Certification Program. Over 20 years of teaching, Gabi has taught thousands of students, including many who have gone on to become Certified teachers themselves. She completed a three-year course with Stephanie Quirk in the Therapeutic Application of Iyengar Yoga and regularly studies with the Iyengar family in Pune. 

About Agios Pavlos - if you are expecting a luxurious hotel this is not the place for you!! This area of Crete is known for it’s still wild untouched character. The nearest village is 20 minutes away by car and the nearest small town is 30 minutes away. There is nothing to buy and if you need outer exciting journeys, don’t expect to get them here. If you are looking for an inner journey in an unspoiled piece of land with crystal clear sea, secluded beaches, nature still untouched, this is the place for you. Dimitris’s Taverna offers us excellent simple gourmet vegetarian meals. 



We offer simple and comfortable studios with either balcony or a little front garden – just beside the yoga studio. All Studios are on the cliff and offer views to the mountains, coastline, beaches, little islands of the southern coast and the deep blue and turquoise sea.
The charming yoga studio is full of sunlight – built of stone and wood , is situated in a breathtaking location just beside the studios on the cliff at Kavos Melissa

The only thing you must deal with is the booking of your flight to Heraklion.
Everything else (your taxi-transfer from and to the airport we are taking care of). To help us organize, please send all your flight-details (airline, port of embarkation, flight-times and flight-numbers) to us as soon as possible:   Thank you!


Taxi Transfer
Taxi: Heraklion Airport – Agios Pavlos. Traveling time: 1 3/4 hrs.
Fare each way: Euro 110 (max. 4 people sharing).
The pleasant taxi drive through the scenic landscape, directly from the airport over the mountains and along many olive groves will give you a taste of what to expect at your destination.

If you wish, you can rent a car at the airport., but according to our experience ,most participants find Agios Pavlos so awesome, that they do not feel like traveling on any further.  If you plan to explore the island after the yoga retreat by car, we can help you doing so on the spot.

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הצטרפו עלינו

מרכז איינגאר ליוגה

רחוב ניצנה 11, שכונת נגה

מרכז איינגאר ליוגה נווה צדק-נגה

מרכז איינגאר ליוגה נווה צדק-נגה פועל משנת 1995 ומנוהל על ידי גבי דורון, מורה בכירה בשיטת איינגאר. המרכז מציע מגוון שיעורים ברמות שונות.

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